Photoroom Editor Vs Pixelcut AI Photo Editor App

Are you searching for the best app for instant background editing? Two of the most popular options right now in the market are Photoroom and Pixelcut app. Both of these apps use smart technology to erase backgrounds from images and provide hundreds of pre-backgrounds with just one tap both apps provide incredible results within 1 tap. 

After several tests of both apps here is a detailed comparison of  Photoroom Editor Vs Pixelcut AI Photo Editor App to help you decide between the two apps. This includes the editing tools each app offers, how fast they perform edits and exports, how handy they are to use, and other important factors.

Photoroom Editor Vs Pixelcut AI Photo Editor App
Photoroom Editor Vs Pixelcut AI Photo Editor App

Which one is the Better Background Editor: Photoroom or Pixelcut?

When it comes to easily removing and replacing backgrounds from photos, both Photoroom and Pixelcut provide very quick results. Photoroom uses smart technology to find the main object in your photo, it can be a product or person. With one simple tap, it can remove the background behind your main object and it does this removal feature very accurately and catches even tiny background edges. After erasing the background, Photoroom image editor lets you easily put in a new plain color background behind your product or person. Or you can choose hundreds of pre-made backgrounds from Photoroom’s library collection. This makes it super easy to create clean, professional-looking product photos or portraits.

Photoroom Editor Vs Pixelcut AI Photo Editor App

Pixelcut also has a feature “Background Remover” which uses AI technology to remove backgrounds from any images. It does a good job of separating out the main subject. Pixelcut does have an extra “Magic Eraser” tool that allows you to manually remove any small bits of background that were missed. However, some people find that Photoroom’s background removal looks a little cleaner and more precise, especially for pictures of people and product photography.

Major Difference Between the Pixelcut Vs Photoroom Image Editor

Both Photoroom and Pixelcut excel at background removal, providing fast and accurate results. The main differences are the additional features and functionality around the background removal process. Photoroom gives you more flexibility with background options, allowing you to completely replace the background or apply unique filters and effects. Photoroom has an extra popular handy feature “Batch editor” that allows you to edit multiple photos all at once with a bulk export option but the option is available in the paid version If you want Unlimited Exports then Download Photoroom Mod APK Pro Latest Version for Free with Premium Features.

On the other hand, Pixelcut Photo editor focuses more on the core background removal and object erasure capabilities. Pixelcut editing app has a tool called “AI Photoshoot” that can automatically create brand-new product photos for you using artificial intelligence. It can generate tons of different shots. Another AI tool in Pixelcut is called “Magic Writer.” This uses smart tech similar to ChatGPT to automatically write product descriptions, social media captions, and other text content for your business.

Pros and Cons of Pixelcut and Photoroom Photo Editor App

Pixelcut ProsPixelcut ConsPhotoroom ProsPhotoroom Cons
Background RemovalAccurate AI cutout toolmanually removal need touchupsmanually removal needs touchups
Free VersionUnlimited exports in Free AppMost of the Free editing tools includedMost of Free editing tools includedLimited  250 exports per month for free
Speed & PerformanceSmooth performance Can slow down with AI-heavy tasksOptimized for rapid edits and exports
Comparison Table Between Photoroom Vs Pixelcut

Which App Provides Extra Features For Free Photoroom or Pixelcut

When it comes to free photo editing apps, both Photoroom and Pixelcut let you use certain features without paying. However, one app may give you access to more free tools and capabilities than the other. With Photoroom’s free version, you can edit photos using background erasers, object removal, filters, templates library, and much more without any cost. However, there is a limit on how many edited photos you can export or save each month.

Pixelcut’s free app also includes background removal, object erasing, templates, Magic Writer, and AI Photoshoot. The big advantage is that Pixelcut lets you export and save as many edited photos as you want for free without any limits. So in simple terms, Photoroom’s free version gives you more editing features, but with a monthly export limit of up to 250 exports. Pixelcut Photo AI Editor free version has slightly fewer free features, but no limits on exports.

Final Words

After a deep analysis of the Photoroom editor vs. Pixelcut AI photo editor app and testing both apps and their features, I would recommend you to go with Photoroom because it’s a complete photo editor. Photoroom’s background removal, object removal, color adjustments, and other editing functions also produce realistic, natural-looking instant backgrounds. That’s the reason the Photographer chose this app instead of using paid tools like Adobe Photoshop. Still, you can try both free apps is a good way to see which one gives you the most value and useful free tools for your business without having to pay anything initially. If you are also a Photoroom you can check out Step by step-by-step guide on How to Download and Install PhotoRoom AI Photo Editor for PC

Related FAQ’s

Photoroom App has a very simple, intuitive layout that makes basic editing extremely straightforward, even for users with no photo editing experience. Pixelcut has more advanced capabilities that can take a bit more time to learn how to use effectively.

No, both Photoroom editor and Pixelcut editing app offer free versions you can download and try out. Photoroom’s free app includes robust editing tools but limits your monthly exports. Pixelcut’s free version has fewer features but allows unlimited exports.

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